IN BOOKSTORES NOW!! Hitler in the Crosshairs

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A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist teams up with a university scholar in this compelling, untold historical tale of a young man’s courage at a critical time in United States history, and the saga of a dictator’s pistol that continues today. The time is World War II. Young soldier Ira ‘Teen’ Palm and his men burst into a Munich apartment, hoping to capture Adolph Hitler. Instead, they find an empty apartment … and a golden gun. As the authors trace the story of the man and the gun, they examine a time and place that shaped men like Palm and transformed them into heroes. They also follow the strange journey of Hitler’s pistol. Readers will discover: * An imaginative historical adventure in the tradition of Stephen Ambrose’s Band of Brothers (over one million copies sold). * New, previously untold information about World War II events, including an uprising of German soldiers and citizens against the Nazi regime and a never-before told account of an assassination attempt on Hitler in Munich. * Inspiring, motivating, and entertaining storytelling by award-winning authors that will keep the pages turning!”

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