HITCH in the Salisbury (NC) Post

Teen Palm in a 1943 photo from the book.

World War II story has personal touch

By Deirdre Parker Smith


SALISBURY — “Hitler in the Crosshairs” reveals what the authors believe is new information about a plot to assassinate Adolph Hitler during World War II.

It also tells some of the story of Ira “Teen” Palm, a man who once lived in Salisbury and rose through the ranks to eventually work at the Pentagon.

And it is a story about Hitler’s gold-plated pistol, which, the authors say, Teen Palm took from Hitler’s office in a raid of his apartment in Munich.

Palm was a sensitive, self-doubting musician when World War II started. But once he completed his training and was shipped to Europe, he blossomed into a leader under the most difficult of conditions.

Author Woodbridge is the son of Charles Woodbridge, who was once pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Salisbury. Palm, rediscovering his faith, became one of Charles’ best friends, due to the minister’s preaching and teaching.

Palm met Helen Raney of Granite Quarry and later married her. The couple spent much time in Bible study, and in their long years in the military, shared their faith with many soldiers and others.

So, while telling the story of World War II and the attempt on Hitler’s life, the authors use many of Palm’s letters to his wife, his pastor and others to show his ardent faith in God. We learn little about the war through the letters — in those days, mail was heavily censored by the military, and Palm was careful never to divulge exactly where he was or what he was doing.

Suffice it to say he was in some of the bloodiest, most dangerous battles of the war. Not once, but twice he was standing next to his commander when the commander was gunned down.



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