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In conversation with Jennifer Grant of Compassionate Christianity: Faith, Hope, and Love During an Election Year (August 19, 2020)






In 1989, defendant Carlos DeLuna was executed in Texas for the fatal stabbing of Texas convenience store clerk Wanda Lopez. But did Texas execute an innocent man for a crime he didn’t commit? The original three-part Tribune series by Maurice and his former reporting partner, Steve Mills, can be found HERE.

ABC’s “World News Tonight” reports on Maurice’s Tribune investigation of the execution of Carlos DeLuna — an innocent man?

Maurice was a consultant to and participant in the feature-length documentary “Deadline,” which looked at the conundrum former Illinois Gov. George Ryan faced when  13 wrongfully-convicted inmates had been released from Illinois’ Death Row. What would you do? That was exactly the question that Illinois Governor George Ryan faced in his final days in office. Boldly and surprisingly, and in no small part due to the Tribune’s reporting, Ryan instated a moratorium on the Death Penalty in Illinois that stands to this day.

UPDATE: In January 2011, the Illinois State Legislature voted to repeal the death penalty. Their bill awaits the signature of Ill. Governor Patrick Quinn.

Maurice served as a consultant to and participant in the IFC original documentary “At the Death House Door” which takes a personal and intimate look at the death penalty in Texas through the eyes of a prison chaplain — the same clergyman who walked Carlos DeLuna to his execution. Directed by Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) and Peter Gilbert. It premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas in April 2008 and on IFC in May 2008.


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